ANC Bluetooth Headphones With SD Card Slot

Bluedio T7 plus wireless bluetooth headphones Alloy body with ANC SD card slot FM audio Step counting auto play for sports headset
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Bluedio T7+ ANC bluetooth Stereo headphones with ANC SD card slot FM audio step counting auto play for sports wireless headset 

Model number: T7 plus

Product Description:

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Transmission distance: 10 meters

Battery capacity: 650MA

Function: two gears for noise reduction, face recognition

Music playback: support for devices with Bluetooth

One drag two function: not supported

Voice prompt: English

Support Line-in: Support

Standby time: up to 1000 hours

Talk time: up to 25 hours

Product color: black, red, yellow

Accessories: T7 user-defined noise-cancelling headphones × 1, USB charging cable × 1, manual × 1, earphone storage bag


1.Built-in ANC active noise reduction chip,light sending chip, power sensing chip,5.0 bluetooth chip,protection chip,power management chip and power amplifier chip are the seven chips to restore the sounds of nature together.

2.Principle of noise reduction: customized ANC noise reduction chip is apploed to generate sound waves opposite to noise through the noise reduction systerm, so as to neutralize noise and achieve the effect of noise reduction. ANC function on easily isolate the noise from the outside world and the roar of planes ect.

3.Face Recognition Feature, which can sense dynamic instructions]:Perceive your dynamics. When you take off your headphones,the concert will be automatically suspended.When you wear headphones,it will automatically resume playing.

4.Support SD card,New design make music standby: T7+with card slot can support 32G memory card,without phone,users can enjoy music anytime and anywhere.

5.Sleep feature.It can detect sleep state,the equipment will rest for ten minutes,and then automatically shut down, without hurting ears or disturbing dreams, and care for your sleep quality.

6.By step counting function you can check the synchronize update data which shouw your walks, the calorie consumption and so on via bluedio app,enjoy high sound quality meanwhile keep health.

7.Artificially Create Sound Quality at the Level of Hundreds of Dollars Worth]:The ingenious development of the 57 mm driving sound generating unit has greatly improved its performance.It can analyze every musical detail in high definition and experience the flagship sound quality at the level of one hundred bucks.

8.Wake up the clound.Connect the headset with your phone, then double-click the MF button to wake up the Clound.Clound service is on,you can enjoy te smart clound service.

9.ABS,high-quality protein sponge,lightweight combination of high-performance stainless steel slider beam and stable triangular design creat a music world of entry luxury,enjoying music and distant fields.

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